Bard Touchless Pro Vinyl Intermittent Catheter

TOUCHLESS® Plus Vinyl Intermittent Catheter Kit, Coudé Tip

  • Unisex, coudé tip
  • Pre-lubricated vinyl catheter
  • Self-contained closed system
  • Large 1100cc collection chamber
  • Insertion Supplies (underpad, latex-free gloves, PVI swabs)  
  • Single-use, sterile

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TOUCHLESS® Plus Vinyl Intermittent Catheter Kit, Coudé Tip

This Bard model is both simple and safe. The unisex closed system is completely touchless, designed to reduce the risk of UTIs. This kit includes a pre-lubricated vinyl catheter, a large 1100cc collection chamber with built-in drainage port, and catheter cap with pull ring.  The Bard TOUCHLESS® Plus Intermittent Catheter System features a patented catheter guide, allowing greater control with insertion. 

Catheter Brand



14 FR, 16 FR

Catheter Length

Female, Male

Catheter Type

coudé tip, vinyl

Catheter Features

Coude, Large 1100cc collection chamber, Pre-lubricated vinyl catheter, Self-contained closed system, Single-use, sterile, unisex

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