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At Premier Catheter Supplies we provide the two types of intermittent catheters used by men – standard male catheters and coude catheters. We offer a wide range and selection of brands and styles with unbeatable prices to best fit your lifestyle and needs. To learn more about the different catheters we offer, talk to one of our representatives today.

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Learn About The 3 Types of Male Intermittent Catheters

Male Cathteters are medical devices used to help drain the bladder when functioning improperly. Typically made of rubber, silicone, and vinyl, catheters are inserted into the stoma or urethra to remove urine from the bladder. The standard length of catheters for men are typically around 16 inches, but are available in a variety of French sizes to fit each individual’s unique anatomy.

Men’s catheters normally have a standard insertion tip. However, individuals suffering from an enlarged prostate or a urethral stricture may benefit from a coude tip catheter. These two types of insertion tips are available in the three types of male catheters — straight, hydrophilic, and closed systems.

Straight Male Catheters

Straight intermittent catheters are the basic standard for catheters. They require manual lubriction prior to insertion, giving straight catheters their other name of “uncoated” catheters. These catheters are conveniently packaged and fit in a pocket, making them perfect for travel or your on-the-go lifestyle.

Hydrophilic Male Catheters

Hydrophilic catheters are similar to the straight intermittent catheter, with the upgraded feature of a hydrophilic coating. When activated by water, the catheter becomes slippery making insertion and the self-cathing process more comfortable. Hydrophilic catheters typically have a no-touch handling sleeve provided in the packaging to help reduce potential bacterial infections. Their benefits include easy use, reduced mess, reduction of infection, and the portable features.

Closed System Catheters

Also known as a touchless catheter, closed system catheters are hydrophilic or pre-lubricated catheters with its own self-contained collection bag. Individuals in wheelchairs typically prefer this type of catheter because it eliminates transferring to a toilet or receptacle. Closed-system catheters typically have pre-lubricated tips to reduce risk of bacterial infections as well as gloves, antiseptic wipe, and underpad.

Hydrophilic Catheters for Men

Intermittent Straight Tip Catheter with Funnel End: Bard Clean-Cath 16″

This Bard catheter’s straight tips are smooth and rounded, to provide comfort and ease with insertion. It also comes in a variety of different sizes to fit your specific needs, with color coded funnel ends for size recognition.

Cure’s Straight Tip Male Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter with Funnel End

Cure’s hydrophilic coated catheters are water activated, ensuring easy painless insertion without damaging the urethra. This 16″ hydrophilic catheter manufactured by Cure has several features including a funnel end, polished eyelets and a purified water packet and gripper.

Coloplast’s SpeediCath Flex Coudé

This Coloplast catheter’s flexible tip design provides an easier insertion into the urethra from any angle. It’s dry-sleeve protection and soft-squeeze gripper hygenically protect the catheter, allowing for an an easy grip and control upon insertion.

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