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Premier Catheter Supplies is your reliable source for all your catheter needs. Our team of professionals are experts in women’s catheters, helping you find the right catheter to meet your individual needs.  We are dedicated to giving you all the tools necessary, so cathing is a smooth and painless process every time.

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At Premier Catheter Supplies we carry several different types of female intermittent catheters dependent on your individual wants and needs. We also offer a wide range and selection of brands to best fit your preference. Premier Catheter Supplies prides itself on our quality selection of female catheters at prices you can afford.

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At Premier Catheter Supplies we offer a wide variety of catheter brands and products that can be individually tailored to your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our product recommendations, call one of our represenatatives today at (866) 206-8846.

Learn About The Three Types of Intermittent Catheters For Women

Female Cathteters are medical devices used to help drain the bladder when it is functioning improperly. Typically made of rubber, silicone, and vinyl, catheters are inserted into the stoma or urethra to remove urine from the bladder. The standard length of catheters for women are around 6 inches, but are available in a variety of French sizes to fit each individual’s unique anatomy.

Learn more about the other catheter products Premier Catheter’s Supplies provides. We carry a wide variety of male and pediatric intermittent catheters.

Closed System Female Catheter:

The preferred option for female catheters are closed system catheters because they serve multiple functions in one device. This catheter is pre-lubricated and sterile with its own self-contained collection back. These tips help minimize the risk of bacteria buildup in the urethra which causes urinary tract infections. Additionally, most brands provide insertion supplies like antiseptic wipes, underpads, and sterile gloves with product orders. 

Straight Female Catheter:

Straight female catheters are the standard technology for catheter devices. They lack coating and require manual lubrication with sterile lubricant prior to insertion. Straight female catheters are convenient, fitting in a purse or pocket, making them ideal for travel.

Hydrophilic Female Catheter: 

Hydrophilic female catheters are very similar to straight catheters, but they possess a unique feature that makes them stand out from other catheters. When activated by water, hydrophilic catheters become smooth and slippery for an easier insertion . This takes the place of manual lubrication, eliminating this extra step and additional hassle. 

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