Cure Hydrophilic Pediatric Catheter

Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter®

  • 10 inches long 
  • Straight tip
  • Fire-polished eyelets 
  • Hydrophilic coating for quick lubrication
  • Purified water packet for mess free/stain free hydration
  • Textured gripper sleeve
  • Sterile, single use
  • 100% DEHP/DINP, BPA and natural rubber latex-free

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Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter® Features

Designed specifically for children, the Pediatric Hydrophilic Cure Catheter® features sterile, single-use straight tip catheters with polished eyelets and a purified water packet for instant hydration. Available in four pediatric lengths for both boys and girls. The gripper sleeve provides a virtually touchless insertion to reduce UTIs. No additional lubricant is needed. 


Catheter Brand



10 FR, 12 FR, 14 FR, 8 FR

Catheter Length


Catheter Type

Hydrophilic, straight tip

Catheter Features

10 inches long, 100% BPA, DEHP/DINP and Natural Rubber Latex Free, fire-polished eyelets, hydrophilic coating, Single-use, sterile